Directors of Ministry for Cities and Villages

DOM for Anavaram

Pastor Rev. Benjamin

Pastor Rev. Benjamin doing God's work from 25 years along with wife and two children in Anavaram established a church of 100 believers  Mobile number 9441826884 


DOM of Awasi Kenya

Celestine Bando

 Celestine Bando from Awasi Kenya under fountain of peace church email 


DOM for Bapatla

Pastor and Father Isaac

Pastor and Father Isaac doing God's work from 18 years established 3 churches in between hindu background people and making a revival in Bapatla area and teaching and training people along with his wife and two childern   Mobile number 8328270547 


DOM for Bapatla

Pastor Rev.Krupavaram

Pastor rev.krupavaram doing gods work from 15 years from a line of his heir 100 years along with his wife kalpana and two daughter smily and abhi in bapatla established a church of 150 beleivers and a he is a active young man of god to built gods kingdom in his area  Mobile number  8886868044 


DOM for Bomminampadu and Kaikaluru

Additional Information

Pastor PV. Ratnam doing God's work from 10 years along with his wife and son in two churches Bomminampadu and Kaikaluru running churches of 100 belveiers  Mobile number 81859446198 


DOM for Chevuru Village a.p Krishna District India

Pastor Choragudi Yesurathnam

Pastor Choragudi Yesurathnam doing God's work from 19 years along with his wife in Chevuru Village a.p Krishna District India established a church and running it with 70 believers   Mobile number 7893587695 


DOM for Chinthayi Pallem Village

Senior Pastor Rev.Chinna Abraham

 Senior Pastor rev.chinna abraham doing gods work from 25 years established 2 churches , and preaching good news about of jesus christ to village to village and street to street along with his wife leela he had 3 childern everyone is in gods work in different areas,he lives in chinthayi pallem village along with wife and started his third branch  mobile number :9948354533 


DOM for Eldoret, Kenya

Bishop Margaret I. Maheri


Life Fountain Churches Int'l,

P.O. BOX 10673 - 30100,                                                       ELDORET.  KENYA.                                                                How bless you.   Thank you.                                                 Margaret Maheri


DOM of Etcharla, India


1.Name- Gorala Mahesh

2.Father's name---G Ramulu

3.Mothers name--G. Satyama


5.Date of birth--01-01-1978

6.Marital status--Married

7.Spouse name--G. Chinnamudu

8.Siblings--2 daughters

Age--elder daughter-18 yrs, younger daughter-13 yrs

9.salvation date--10-10-1996

10.Baptism date--01-01-1997

11.marriage date--13-06-1998

12.Address--kamarsipeta village, Allinagaram post, etcherla mandal, srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, 532403 number--9963885127

WhatsApp number--8179055177

14.Language known--Telugu

15.Mission field address--Kamarsipeta village, allinagaram post, etcherla mandal, srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, 532403

At the outset I was doing gospel preaching at different places and now I am doing pastoral work in the church. So please pray for me and my family as well as my believers.


DOM for Gudivada, Gudmenpeta

Pastor Paul Raj

Pastor Paul Raj doing gods work from 20 years in gudivada, gudmenpeta  along with his wife and two daughters and running a church of 100 members  Mobile number : 7731892737 


DOM for Guraja in Andhra Aradesh India

Pastor.Raj Kumar

Pastor.raj kumar doing gods work from 10 years in a village called guraja in andhra pradesh india along with his wife and two childern with 100 beleivers  Mobile number 9505150315 


DOM for Guraja Krishna district a.p india

Church name Yesukrithu Pradhana Mandhiram

Pastor Deevana  Doing gods work from 9 years had a church in guraja krishna district a.p india Church name yesukrithu pradhana mandhiram Mobile number 9505150315 


DOM of Hubbali, India


Name: Ette Baburao, Age: 50 yrs  

Permanent Add: #75, Chalukyanagar Gadag Road, Hubbali-580020.

South India , Karnataka State. India.


Phone +919663715857.

Qualification: B.E.(E n E) B.Th, B.Div.

Languages known: English, Telugu, Kannada ad Hindi.

Cast: Indian Christian .

Ministry: LISA Arelegious and Charitable trust.

Church: Ephratah Prayer Fellowship.

Independent Full gospel Church.

Talents: Preaching, Teaching, Counselling, persuading, organising communicating  and leading.

Passion: on poor, motivating believers to be strong 


DOM Kaikaluru and Peyeru

Pastor Yesupadham

Pastor Yesupadham doing God's work from 17 years and established two churches in Kaikaluru and Peyeru and doing God's work along with his wife and son and running church with believers of 80 members   Mobile number 9640105636 



Alex Matubache Hope God's love international church

Update forth coming


DOM Kakinada-1 East Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh State, IND

Pastor John Paul

 Name: Pastor John Paul Qualification: Bsc Computers Ministries Name: Apostolic Vision Ministries Address : Pastor John Paul #16-42-107, Sambhamurty Nagar 5th Street, Indira Colony, Kakinada-1 East Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA 


DOM for Kanukollu and Vijaywada Villages

Pastor Chinna Yosebu and Pastor Suseela

Pastor Chinna Yosebu and Pastor Suseela is doing God's work for 20 years in Kanukollu and Vijaywada Villages, running two churches with 200 believers  Mobile number 7893747160 


DOM Kasinapalli village

Dr b Victor Paul, Dr b ch Narasaiah


Dr b Victor Paul,

Dr b ch Narasaiah, 

2007,Kasinapalli village h r Palli post,Komarole mandal,prakasam dist,andhrapradesh 523373,7287022433,victorshalom152@gmail shalom ministry, same address above,60,45,distribution of the bible s,orphanage, Sunday school,2 daughter s ,one boy.thankyou sir