God's Love International Bible College

Cognitionis Hesed Sola Scriptua

Knowledge through God's Love and Scripture Alone 


Who we are


God's Love International is pleased to announce the formation of our Bible College, We are in the process of developing our curriculum for our Certification in Ministry Program, AA Degree in Ministry and Theology, BA in Ministry and Theology, MA in Ministry and Theology and our Doctoral in Ministry and Theology.

GLIBC is a non-profit and free institution of higher learn. The only fees students will incur are books, supplies, and application fee for graduation.

Professor will be volunteers or paid by donations received through GLI.

Our Faculty are our Board of Directors of God's Love International.

Course already started

We are currently studying Old Testament Theology, though a comprehensive walk through each book of the old Testaments.   

Other Courses

As we are still developing our curriculum, other course will soon be added.