Namayumba Village, Wakiso district, Uganda, East Africa

Bright Eagles Orphanage.


The orphanage was opened up in the year  2014 to help the children of single parents and guardians since a lot of people had died in that region during the wars, leaving the village helpless and vulnerable.

Some children are of single parents and some are total orphans and then some have parents but are just peasants with no capacity to educate them.

So the orphanage is intended to shade a good future for the children and also to raise a God serving young generation.




When death walloped the lives of parents of these children, as young orphans, their lives was like climbing an uphill task of a sharp cliff, moreover very slippery, for survival. 

The future become bleak, hopeless, suffering un ending emotional stress, poor feeding, abuses of all kinds, segregation and neglect, suffered torturing, all bad things here in Africa, Uganda inclusive, a child without parents all abuses are showered on him/her and I know it wasn’t exceptional to these young ones. 

There is hope to care and feelings for them is Gods love international, focused and is championed by a man of God Pr. Ronald S. Nelson (President) holding a lump of hope for these little ones through a community based organization (CBO) HOCI, started by one Naigaga Naune 

When a CBO, HOCI under Ms Naigaga Naume identified itself with an idea of starting an orphanage home the idea was not put on the luck. 

They have mobilized 29 very needy orphans, 12girls and 17 boys to help them and take full responsibility of up-bring, and care, nurturing them to feel loved. 

Today 11/09/2018 as the a Dom for Uganda when I was asked as part of my duties to go and assess, the needs at these orphanage, I was over whelmed by the children`s direct participation to their livelihood.

They dig and cultivate as part of contributing to a food basket, fetch water, clean utensils, cook, and clean compound, above all they love each other and do God fear. 

I witnessed one of them blessing food before starting to eat, all of them including a 3year girl toddler by the name Logose Kellen. 

I was taken around gardens of cassava, maize, beans intercropped, had kitchen garden, and ¼ an acre of egg plants, groundnuts and I saw a portion that had been weeded today by these children and it was very amazing. 

Challenges I saw. 

v Lack clothes for dressing 

v Beddings are a problem, I saw worn out papyrus mats which are used for sleeping on (you can critically those mats seated while having their lunch). 

v They are congested, and boy sharing same house is not good, due to lack of privacy. 

v The home is rented and contract expires this coming October & owner is not willing to renew, 

v The pit latrine not good and this is risky of cholera and other communicable diseases out break.

v Much as the zeal to teach them modern education events and is exists, the learning environment is poor, they study under trees. 

v Water is unsafe, because the spring well is unprotected 

v Play materials are in adequate 

v Land procured for future home is partially paid 

Action lines /suggested possible intervention 

v Completion of payment for the land procured needed, a balance is USD 500 

v Construction of two separate orphan houses/shelter; one for girls and the other boys needed.

v Construction of two modern pit latrines of 2 stances each. One for boys and another for girls, privacy needed. 

v Building a classroom(s) for good environment learning 

v Solar installation for lighting needed.

v Help to provide good beddings and clothing 

v The purposed site for a home is far from water point, leave alone being unsafe, but it is also far, May need a borehole. 


HOCI has manifested great seriousness and the efforts are visible and therefore I recommend them for any possible funding, to elevate the socio- economic welfare of these orphans. 

Finally as food for thought, scammers are now world wide and usually have brief case organizations 

The plight of orphans and other vulnerable children / people can`t be over –emphasized in Uganda, due to high HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis B, Malaria, Cholera, diarrhea etc. 

Instead of sprinkling resources to these organization that never be, I would suggest thorough research and discussion is done where in a sub region we identify a credible CBO and concentrate and build capacity with it and have a big well planned and facilitated orphan home with pre – primary level curriculum taught in order to produce meaningful and resourceful persons who can contribute and fulfill their calling on this planet earth 

God bless you as you study this report 



World Healing Centre

Construction has started

The name of the church is World Healing Centre because I operate in Healing, Miracles and ,Deliverance. I also like praying for long hours.