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Elizabeth Osborn and Devin Parsons



Published by Ronald S Nelson · 42 mins · 

This a must see success story for God's Love International. Whom housed Devin and Elizabeth for over 8 months and still provide for their needs from time to time.…/3934…/spokane-couple-quits-meth-for-dog 


The Kamphoff Story


I Proud of Ben, Crissy, Hayden, Payton, Noah, and Benjamin, along with their Dogs Kali and Rose. It was such an honor to serve you for the past year. May God bless and anoint your new home. In Christ Jesus Holy and Precious name we Pray Amen!!! Pastor Ron!!!

My family has been homeless, though, with the help of God's Love International, we have been able to work our way out of what can feel like an impossible situation to overcome.

Please keep all homeless in your prayers, but action is needed even more than prayer. If you see homeless, or know of someone on the brink of homelessness, please have compassion for them. You have no idea of the circumstances that led to their condition.

My family wound up homeless. It was a complex series of events that caused it, and it can truly happen to anyone.

Have compassion for those who have fallen into this horrible state of despair."
When Pastor Ron Nelson of God's Love International heard about my family and our situation he opened his door and his heart to us. He invited us in and made us part of his family. He brought God back into my life, and into my families life for the first time. He showed us compassion and love. Through our ups and downs he has always been there for us and always had an open ear and words of wisdom. He helped us give our children the stability they needed back in their lives. Knowing they were in a safe place and always had the same place to return to everyday.

After a long recovery and several months of physical therapy following an injury I was finally able to return to work and had Ron's help and advice while searching for a new job. We had the opportunity to save up some of our funds, and after a year of being a guest to God's love International, I am happy to say, we have finally been able to find our own place to call home again.
I can remember when we first came to you. I must admit I was very hesitant. Through all our struggles and mistakes we were in such a bad place and hurting as a family. God's Love International welcomed us with open arms and supported us. We wouldn't be where we are today if it hadn't been for the support, care, and love of which you gave to us.We came into this a family of five with a dog. And are leaving a family of 6 with two fur babies. Ron Nelson and God's Love International will always be in our hearts. We could not have made it without God's love and grace. We have truly been saved. Thank you. We pray that many others find the help they need and also turn their lives over to the lord.


You have been so patient and caring with us since we walked through your door.

You help everyone who asks for it.

You've become a family to us. We are so grateful to have become a part of yours. You, your daughter, and God's Love International are so special to us. So inspiring that such warmth and love can come from such great people.

God's Love International gave us the opportunity to live life fully and I pray many others get the chance you have given to us.

Always in our Hearts,
Benjamin, Chrissy, Hayden, Peyten, Noah, and Baby Benjamin


Gli india distributed clothes to widows and oldwoman with help of the men in congregation today in a memorial service

Praise God a wonderful day to show hesed 🙏❤🇮🇳

Pray for our ministry in India and all over the world

Deuteronomy 15:11 and  2 Corinthians 8:14-15 in action, such a beautiful thing to see!!!


6 Homeless Families Receive Homes

GLI India

 Praise God brothers and sisters Gli india is successful in providing homes for 6 homeless families brother which is permanent shelter for 30 people which is free from our government hallelujah jesus a great success from our team in india 🇮🇳❤ 

Nigeria Success Stories



This is Miss Barnabas Abigail, whose husband died of motor accident in the year 2016, she was left with three kids to care and cater for. The husband has been the bread winner of the family but that was cut short after the demise of her husband. She was left to fate and daily struggle to make ends meet for the up keep of her family. She came in contact with GLI through a neighbor who invited her to participate in the clearing of the field at GLI farm. That led to her being included in the list of the families to benefit from the farm and since then she does not have to struggle to provide food for her family. GLI has since then, been providing food for the family with eggs from the poultry and vegetables from garden/food ban



This is a story of hope when all hope is gone. Miss Mary, popularly known as Grand Ma Mary”, is from a remote village of Kajuru L.G.A. this grand ma was a victim of ethnic clash that happened at the area of Kajuru L.G.A in Karka Village her husband and two of her grand children were killed in the communal clash and their houses and barns burnt to ashes. She was left with nothing but penury. She fled the village as a result of the reprisal attack from the other community. GLI members came to her rescue when they visited the IDP camp where the refugees were camped. Her condition made GLI members to take special interest in her case thereby, she was removed from the camp and brought to church where one of the GLI members worship, and since then GLI has been shouldering her welfare by providing food, clothing for her.



Miss Victoria is a single mother of one. Her son Joshua is 10 years old. He started primary school at the age of 6 (six) but has to stop along the way because of lack of funds. The mother started commercial sex works in order to be able fend for her son and provide food. GLI members came in contact with her in one of our outreaches; she gave her life to Christ that day, and was saved. In order to keep her from going back to prostitution, GLI decided to be providing her with food regularly. We are also looking forward to helping her with school fees as soon as possible



Mrs. Ayuba is a widow whose children are grown ups but are trouble to her, one of her sons is a drug addicts and one of her daughters absconded from home at the age of 17 (seventeen) since then she has not been found. All search to no avail. That led to Mrs. Ayuba developing a high blood pressure. This affected her physically and psychologically. She is incapacitated and left helpless by her daughter’s ordeal. GLI came to the rescue of this very family last year 2018, they are one of the families helping the farm and have since then been benefiting from the farm produce gotten from the harvest.



  Blessin and Mariam are sisters of the same parent. They lost both parent in the past religious Crisis (Sharia law) that happened in the year 2000 in Kaduna State. They have been struggling on their own to fend for themselves by doing menial jobs. These two orphans are peculiar, they are always together and helping each other. They were at the verge of starting prostitution due to the hardship sourrounding them, when GLI came to their resccue in one its evangelism outreaches in the neighbourhoods. GLI attention was drawn to these special young girls when they came at one of our members asking for a moment of pleasure. This got the GLI members to preach and win them to christ. Afterwards, they were given food and some clothings to take home. We are also looking forward to empowering them with a vocational skill that will help in discouraging them in venturing into prostitution. 

 This  is a widow  with two  kids, she lost her husband  some years ago and since then  she has been struggling  to fend for  her family, being that her husband  has been the breadwinner  of the family. She was then  a full  time  housewife. GLI. Represented by our city director  in the person of Sambo Yakubu pay the family  a visit  to extend the hands of love to this family and had lunch with  them which  was provided  by GLI family  support and windows care. It was an awesome  time with  the family  and a beautiful  way to share Hesed  and fellowship  with  the  family  according  to the report we got from  the city director. We pray that God will give us the grace to continue to share his love  with  the poor and our neighbors. Hesed. 


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